RIZA, in ancient Greek, means ROOT and in this word we summarize our philosophy of well-being: in each of us there is an original image that makes us unique. It lives in the depths of our inner world, like the roots in the earth. The more we leave space for it, the more body and mind are healthy.

The activity of the Riza Editions revolves around a central theme, which is the core of Riza’s philosophy: how to find health and psychophysical wellbeing by making sure that our natural essence can recover space.

Edizioni Riza

Body and mind are of the same dimension: the Riza Center of Natural Medicine bases its philosophy on this. Founded by the famous psychiatrist Raffaele Morelli and other doctors, the Institute was created as a Center for Research and Studies, with the aim of spreading and developing a psychometric approach to health and wellbeing. The Riza Center of Natural Medicine has since become the nucleus around which Riza’s intensive activities in the field of public education, publishing and clinical research have evolved. This philosophy continues to inspire our work today. Riza is unique in the health and health sector. The publications of Editions Riza are the result of clinical research of “specialists” in their chosen field and have the pulse of modern society and diversified patient needs. The driving force behind this research structure is to be found in the holistic tradition and the synergy between the healing potential of nature and the psyche and psychosomatic techniques.

Ecosistema Riza

attività educative

Riza organizes numerous nationwide courses dedicated to doctors, psychologists and health professionals. The four-year course in Psychosomatic Medicine is certified by MIUR – the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research – and qualifies doctors and psychologists to work in the field of psychotherapy. A three-year course of Naturopathy with a holistic approach to wellness is available in many Italian cities for the training of Naturopaths and “wellness workers” experts in natural treatments. Approximately 5,000 people attend Riza’s courses and educational activities each year. The Riza Institute organizes short courses all over Italy for the general public, as well as conferences and conventions.

casa editrice

The Riza research group constitutes the literary and creative core of Edizioni Riza, a publishing house specialized in Health and Wellness. It is this multi-functional experience of the Riza Institute that has provided the Publishing House with the extraordinary quality and authority of the wellness sector that have made it the reference point for all the topics related to the well-being of Italian culture. Editions Riza publishes 10 magazines and numerous books every month. Our publications reach around 1,200,000 readers every month. In addition, the RIZA site is a dynamic site with over 1 million visitors a month.

attività cliniche

All Riza doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, naturopathy practitioners and nutritionists perform their therapies and clinical activities, using a psychosomatic approach with people who contact the Institute with various health problems.